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Popular Blends and Flavors of German Cuisine

German Cuisine and Food Culture

Germany offers a ready mix of main dishes, deserts and starters in its cuisine. Thinking about German food most people imagine sauerkraut, massive sausages, and foaming mugs of beer. It's true a lot of Germans love that, but it's by no means the whole story. Most of the German land is very fertile land with lots of water available and a stable climate, meaning that meat and dairy products have always been abundant. With the availability of all the natural resources to grow food, the food here is in abundance, hence German food is 'preserves' - smoked, marinated, salted, and pickled food.

German cuisine varies according to each German state's culinary tradition, to its regional agriculture, and to the new tastes of new Germans who have settled in the reunited Germany. Nordrhein Westfalen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Saarland and Baden-Wuertenburg's traditional specialties, for example, include ingredients typified in the agriculture around the Black Forest and the Rhein River, and by a wine tradition influenced by the proximity to Belgium, France and Switzerland. They include dishes like the "Badener Schneckensuepple" (a snail chowder flavored with herbs), "Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte" (Black Forest cake), and "Rheinischer Sauerbraten" (beef roast stewed with wine).

Authentic Beverages
Arrow Weinschaum Arrow Old Berlin Castle Punch
Main Dish Seafood
Fresh Seafood Dish
Arrow Stuffed Sole Arrow Trout in Aspic

German Spices & Special Ingredients

Germans would eat five meals a day but now people usually eat three. The regions first meal is probably breakfast (Frühstück). Which is usually based on bread and rolls with any choice of honey, jam, cheese or cold meats, plus fruit, muesli, cornflakes, boiled eggs, yoghurt, cream cheese (Quark) all washed down with plentiful coffee or tea. For the lunch (Mittagessen), there can be an appetizer (Vorspeise), a hot soup, a main course usually consisting of potatoes, vegetables and meat, side dishes (Beilagen), and finally a sweet course called Nachspeisen. Dinner (Abendbrod) is usually cold and is served from about five to six o'clock.

Sauces and Condiments
Liptauer Cheese
Arrow Liptauer Cheese Arrow Apfelkraut
Soups and Stews
Split Pea Soup
Arrow Dutch Split Pea Soup Arrow Bayerische Leberkloese
Arrow Lentil Soup with Sausage Arrow Potato Soup
Arrow Sour Cherry Soup Arrow Gravy Soup
Arrow German Sauerbraten Soup with Dumplings

German Specialty Cookwares and Kitchen Appliances

A German kitchen differs slightly from an American one. Germans still cook more meals at home and generally don’t eat or drink in their cars. German cuisine has developed over hundreds of years, but with a few exceptions. Historic German cooking tools are nearly the same as those used today. One major exception is the oven. Throughout medieval German society, most homes didn't have ovens. Hence bread dough was prepared at home and then taken to the local baker for baking. But things have changed in this part of the world and more modern and equipped kitchens are now found in almost every German house.

Most historic German kitchens made do with little in the way of food preparation tools. A mixing bowl, a bucket, and a strainer or sieves were common items, along with cutting and serving boards. Early German diets relied heavily on stews and other easily prepared dishes, like breads, root vegetables and cheese. In the manor kitchens, cooking was much more involved. Mortar and pestles were used to grind herbs and spices. Cheese graters, waffle irons and sugar cutting tongs were found in the more well-equipped kitchens, as were Dutch iron handmills, a machine like a pepper mill that was used for grinding mustard seeds.

Easy Breakfast Recipe
Arrow Fett Kuckes Arrow Apple Pancakes
Arrow Stroopwafels Arrow Austrian Egg Cake
Arrow Dutch Fried Puffs Arrow Schmarren
Arrow Blueberry Kuchen Arrow Old Berlin Castle Punch
Arrow German Eggs in Green Sauce    
Main Dish Meats
Pork Chop Recipe
Arrow Koenigsberger Klops Arrow Fried Steak with Beer Sauce
Arrow Schweine Braten Arrow Braised Stuffed Beef Rolls
Arrow German Pork Roast Arrow Pork Chops with Knockwurst
Arrow Short Ribs with Horseradish
Arrow Round Steak in Spicy Sour Cream Sauce
Arrow Gypsy Cutlets Arrow Aspic
Arrow Braunschweiger Arrow Koenigsberger Klops
Arrow Bavarian Sauerkraut Arrow Brown Stew and Noodles
Arrow Garnished Pepper Steak Arrow Gefullte Nudelin
Arrow German Pork Chop Feast Arrow German Pork Dinner
Arrow German Pork Medallions Arrow German Skillet Dinner
Arrow Heidelberg Meat Loaf Arrow Hollipse
Arrow Pork Chops with Sauerkraut Arrow Pork Schnitzel
Arrow Sauerbraten Arrow Sauerbraten
Arrow Vienna Schnitzel Arrow Sauerbraten with Red Cabbage
Arrow Viennese Pot Roast Arrow Wiener Schnitzel
Arrow Wienerschnitzel Arrow Deutsches Rostbraten
Arrow Bratwurst Arrow Bratwurst in Sour Cream
Arrow Braunschweiger Mold Arrow Quick Liver Pate
Arrow Schinkenfleckel    
Main Dish Poultry
Baked Chicken
Arrow Chicken Fricassee Arrow Roast Goose with apple stuffing
Arrow Chicken with Sauerkraut Arrow Crumb Fried Chicken
Arrow Hasenpfeffer Arrow Wiggle Glace
Potato and Noodle Side Dishes
German Topfenknodel
Arrow Himmel Und Erde Arrow Gouda Cheese & Egg Casserole
Arrow Topfenknodel Arrow Kartoffelpuffer
Arrow Kartoffelkloese Arrow Swiss Fried Potatoes
Arrow Spaetzle Arrow Kartoffelpuffer
Arrow German Potato Salad Arrow Tasty German Potato Salad
Arrow Hot German Potato Salad Arrow Potato Dumplings
Arrow Potato Kugel Arrow Saffron Cake
Arrow Spaetzles    
Vegetable Side Dishes
German Sauerkraut
Arrow Viennese Cabbage Arrow Cooked Caraway Cheese
Arrow Alpine Cheese Supper Arrow Kohlrouladen
Arrow Bamberger Sauerkraut Arrow Cucumber-Tomato Skillet
Arrow German Cabbage Rolls Arrow German Cauliflower Souffle
Arrow German Red Cabbage Arrow German Sauerkraut Rolls
Arrow Mushroom Salad Arrow Red Cabbage with Apples
Arrow Rot Kohl Arrow Sauerkraut
Arrow Sauerkraut 2 Arrow Stuffed Tomatoes
Arrow Endive Baked with Ham and Cheese
Quick and Yeast Breads
Quick Almond Bread
Arrow Fett Kuckes Arrow Dark Pumpernickel Bread
Arrow German Almond Bread Arrow German Dark Rye Bread
Arrow Quarkspeise Arrow Roggenbrot
Spice Cake Recipe
Arrow Steamed Pudding Arrow Wiener Erdbeeren Eis
Arrow Meringue-Topped Apples Arrow German Butter Cake
Arrow Molded Strawberry Dessert Arrow Peanut Confection
Arrow Dutch Apricot Compote Arrow Springerle
Arrow German Kasekuchen Arrow Lebkuchen
Arrow Spice Cake Arrow Schaum Torte
Arrow Little Salzburger Souffles Arrow Viennese Cheesecake
Arrow Spicy Honey Cake Arrow German Plum Cake
Arrow Dutch Apricot Compote Arrow Springerle
Arrow Almond Strudel Arrow Apple Strudel
Arrow Bavarian Apple Torte Arrow Bee Sting Cake
Arrow Berlin Croncler Arrow Chocolate Spritz Cookies
Arrow Cookie Press (spritz) Cookies Arrow Dutch Treats
Arrow German Apple Dumplings Arrow German Apple Pie
Arrow German Christmas Cookies Arrow German Cottage Cheese Cakes
Arrow German Honey Cookies Arrow German Marble Cake
Arrow German Marzipan Cake Arrow German Onion Cake
Arrow Linzer Schnitten Arrow Linzer Torte
Arrow Lucher Cream Arrow Raspberry-Blackberry Linzertorte
Arrow Sacher Bits Arrow Shoo-Fly Pie
Arrow Snickerdoodles Arrow Strudel Dough
Arrow Vienna Cheesecake Arrow Vienna Sugar Cookies
Arrow Eier Kringel Arrow Esses
Arrow German Spritz Arrow Dutch Marzipan Sticks
Arrow Apple Strudel Arrow Jam Pockets
Arrow Maraschino Cherry and Pineapple Strudel Filling
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