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Enjoy the Greek Culinary Delights and Gastronomic Customs

Greek Cuisine and Food Culture

Greece is located in the southern Balkan Peninsula of Southeastern Europe, which covers a total area of 50,962 square miles. The population of the country numbers around 10 million and the capital and largest city is Athens. The basic monetary unity is the drachma. The Greek soul is spiritually nourished by the mystically dazzling landscape of endless blue skies, the clarity of a strong white sun, and the warmth of rustic red earth. The Greek Traditional Cuisine has attracted many foreigners like a magnet.

Greek cuisine is typically Mediterranean. It has characteristics similar to the cuisines of Southern France, Italy, the Balkans, Anatolia and the Middle East. Olive oil holds a major place in Greek cuisine which is produced from the trees prominent throughout the region. Wheat is the basic grain. Important vegetables include tomato, aubergine (also called eggplant), potato, green beans, okra, green peppers, and onions. Honey is mainly flower-honey from the nectar of fruit and citrus trees like lemon, orange and bigarade trees, thyme honey and pine honey from conifer trees. Matic (harvested for its aromatic resin) is grown on the Aegean island of Chios.

There are Greek Dishes which have been influenced by Turkish Cuisine. Typical Greek food is simple, colorful and packed with robust flavors.

Appetizers and Party Food
Tiropetes Cheese Filled Triangles
Arrow Greek Garlic Dip (skordalia) Arrow Greek Fried Cheese (saganaki)
Arrow Tiropetes (cheese-filled triangles)
Soups and Stews
Greek Faki Soupa
Arrow Faki Soupa (greek lentil soup) Arrow Greek Lentil Soup (soupa fakez)
Arrow Greek Easter Soup with Avgolemeno Sauce

Greek Spices & Special Ingredients

While the main ingredients of Greek cooking are basic and few – olive oil, honey, yoghurt, fresh fruits and vegetables, lamb and fish – the manner in which they are prepared seems to have an endless variety and taste. There is also an additional delight, pretty much unique to Greece, of being invited into the kitchen to view the offerings and make your selection. There is as well a wonderful benefit that the Greek Diet provides, whether you eat meat or are vegan: it is arguably the healthiest diet on the planet as well as user-friendly to those who want to eat well while not having to worry about putting on weight.

Here food is nearly always prepared with the tastes of the guests in mind. The preparation of overall course of the food is closely monitored in Greek cuisine and food culture. For the lovers of sea food you will find a lot of fresh fish, octopus and squid. All of the Greek food goes very well with Greek wine either white, roze, red, the traditional white wine (retsina), ouzo or tsipouro. Greek cuisine also offers sweets like, baklava, milk pie, bougatsa, kataifi and many more. For those that prefer more natural tastes try Greek fruits like red water melon, yellow melon, pears, grapes, figs and many more.

Main Dish Seafood
Baked Shrimp
Arrow Greek Shrimp Arrow Greek Style Shrimp
Arrow Garides Me Feta (shrimp with feta cheese)
Sauces and Condiments
Greek Skorthalia
Arrow Greek Seasoning Blend Arrow Skorthalia (garlic sauce)

Greek Specialty Cookwares and Kitchen Appliances

Greek food preparation doesn't require many specialty utensils, but it does demand durable items for the tasks common to many dishes. But there are some items that might make your experience with Greek cooking a bit easier, more convenient, or authentic. For preparing Greek cuisine there are a number of cooking utensils used by this community to meld the ingredients into a delectable meal. The Greek-leaning kitchenware and utensils ease the cooking experience by making the food's creation more convenient and, sometimes, more authentic. Here are some of the utensils used in Greek cooking are herb cutter, olive platter, olive oil cans, cheese graters, mortar and pestle, spice grater, pastry brushes, straight rolling pin and honey dipper.

Salads and Dressings
Greek Hot Potato Salad
Arrow Greek Goddess Salad Arrow Athenian Salad (salata athenas)
Arrow Greek Hot Potato Salad Arrow Greek Salad
Arrow Greek Salad Dressing Arrow Greek Twirls Salad
Arrow Horiatiki (greek country salad) Arrow Xoriatiki (greek village salad)
Main Dish Meats
Traditional Greek Lamb
Arrow Beef and Onion Stew (stifado) Arrow Moussaka
Arrow Greek Beef Over Zucchini Arrow Greek Meatballs
Arrow Beef with Thyme and Oregano
Arrow Traditional Greek Lamb in Egg Lemon Sauce
Main Dish Poultry
Healthy Chicken Recipe
Arrow Chicken Gyros with Dill Sauce
Arrow Chicken with Tomatoes & Olives (kotopoulo me tomatoes kai elies)
Arrow Cinnamon Chicken (kota kapama)
Arrow Greek Chicken
Arrow Greek Chicken Phyllo Pie
Arrow Greek Chicken with Artichokes (kottopoulo me anginares)
Arrow Greek Chicken with Rice
Arrow Kotopoulo Me Elies (chicken casserole with olives)
Arrow Revanie (yogurt cake)
Arrow Zesty Chicken Oregano (kotopoulo me riganates skaras)
Rice, Pasta and Grain Dishes
Traditional Spaghetti
Arrow Greek Spaghetti Arrow Greek-Style Lasagna
Arrow Pastitsio (baked macaroni) Arrow Greek Pasta Sauce
Arrow Greek Rice with Feta Arrow Rice with Garbanzos & Currants
Arrow Baked Macaroni with Beef and Cheese (pasticcio)
Vegetable Side Dishes
Imam Bayaldi
Arrow Artichoke-Parmesan Phyllo Bites Arrow Kolokythia Krokettes (zucchini pancakes)
Arrow Athenian Stuffed Peppers Arrow Greek Croustade
Arrow Greek Spaghetti Arrow Imam Bayaldi (stuffed eggplant)
Arrow Spinach with Lemon Dressing (horta) Arrow Spanakopita (spinach-cheese pie)
Arrow spinach with rice (spanakouzo) Arrow Spanakorizo (spinach with rice)
Arrow Tomato Pilaf Arrow Tzatziki
Arrow Stuffed Grape Leaves (dolmades)
Quick and Yeast Breads
Traditional Greek Biscuit
Arrow Greek Sesame Bread Arrow Greek Trinity Loaf
Arrow Paximadia (zwieback) Arrow Greek Butter Biscuits (koulourakia voutirou)
Pastries and Desserts
Honey Cheese Pie
Arrow Honey Curls Arrow Almond Baklava
Arrow Apple Baklava Arrow Apple Rum Baklava
Arrow Apricot Baklava Arrow Baklava
Arrow Cheese and Honey Pie Arrow Greek Cinnamon-Nut Sticks
Arrow Greek Honey Cream Arrow Greek Rice Pudding
Arrow Greek Saint Fanourios Cake (fanouropita) Arrow Honey Cookies (traditional greek christmas cookies)
Arrow Greek Walnut Cake Arrow Hawaiian-Style Baklava
Arrow Koulourakia (greek butter twist) Arrow Melomacarina (greek cookies)
Arrow Rolled Baklava Arrow Pontica (orange cake in syrup)
Arrow Strava Arrow Galaktoboureko
Arrow Melomakarouna - Honey Cookies Stuffed with Dates and Nuts
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