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India is well known for its tasty, refreshing, cheap and easy to make drinks. You can find a wide array of interesting drinks that are the mirror image of their culture. Beverages are nothing but, the flavored drinks for human consumption. These are made in different ways in order to satisfy a quenching thirst. As alcoholic drinks are not good for health, especially in many ethnic cultures in India, Indians have developed a multitude of non alcoholic beverages.
Indian Weight Loss Beverages Indian Lassi Recipes
Cinnamom Cocoa Beverage for Weightloss
arrow Cinnamon Cocoa
arrow Blueberry Smoothie
Mango Lassi Eecipe
arrow Mango Lassi
arrow Salty Lassi
Indian Sherbet Recipes Indian Shake Recipes
Tasty Sharbatee Gulab Recipe
arrow Sharbatee Gulab
arrow Pomegranate Sharbat
Yummy Vanilla Milk Shake Recipe
arrow Banana Chocolate Shake
arrow Vanilla Milk Shake
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Indian Regional Beverages
India is quite famous for their tasty, refreshing, cheap and easy making drinks. It has developed a wide array of interesting drinks that reflective of their culture. Here are some of the famous Indian beverages, region wise:

In North India, hot, sweet cardamom milk is most popularly drunk before going to bed. Thandai(nut milk), Lassi(iced buttermilk), Nimbu Paani (fresh lime juice) Aam Panna (drink prepared from mango juice), Jal Jeera are some of the typical North Indian beverages. These drinks are popular on festive occasions and served for entertaining guests.

Masala Chai (spiced tea) is one of the most popular East Indian beverage, but now it is consumed all over India throughout the year.East Indian people are quite fond of rice, and so rice beer is one of the most popular beverage within east Indian States.

Cea is a beverage from the Coromandel Coast which is a mixture of coffee and tea. Coffee on the other hand is a typical South Indian beverage and the finest variety of Arabica coffee beans are grown around Mysore, Karnataka, and marketed under the brand name Mysore Nuggets, but now it is popular all over India and especially among the younger generations. Other beverages include nimbu pani (lemonade), lassi, and coconut water. Rasam is considered to be a very strong spicy beverage from Southern-India. Some prefer drinking it alone, while some take it with Rice.

Chaach is a traditional Gujarati beverage and in some places taken instead of drinking water and is the vernacular term for butter milk. Cashew Fenny, also known as Kaaju Feni, originated in Goa and became famous throughout the world. Even though other countries produce wines from the cashew apple, yet Cashew Fenny is a unique specialty of Goa, an erstwhile Portuguese colony.
East Indian Beverages West Indian Beverages
Masala Chai Eastern Beverage
arrow Masala Chai
arrow Rice Beer
Chaach Common Postmeal Drink
arrow Chaach
arrow Kaju Fenny
North Indian Beverages South Indian Beverages
Cool and Refreshing Aam Panna
arrow Aam Panna
arrow Thandai
Rasam Recipe South India
arrow Indian Filter Coffee
arrow Rasam
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