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Mexican Culinary Diversity and Haute Cuisine Culture

Mexican Cuisine and Food Culture

Mexican cuisine was originated in 19th century in the regions of South America and Central America. The Mexican Food Culture and cuisine has been derived from South American and Spanish foods. This combination cuisine started developing after European states started colonizing the continent of America. The traditional Mexican Cuisine at all times was highly influenced by the various cultures that crossed this beautiful country which were the native Mexican cultures of Aztec and Mayan people, the Spanish and French conquistadors and lastly the Americans. Mexican cooking has the essence of all these cultures.

Mexican cuisine is one of the healthiest cuisines in the world and its main meal begins with a soup course, known as assopa aguada. The next course includes a rice or pasta preparation, known assopa seca. The traditional Mexican meals consist of the beans, rice, fresh tortillas and fresh vegetables. The main dish includes pork, chicken or beef, which is served along with beans. Most traditional Mexican Recipes include quesadillas, salsas, guacamole, burritos, tostadas, tacos, fajitas and enchiladas. Chilies, tomatoes, onion and garlic are quite common flavorings in Mexican cuisine. Today the Mexican food has a diverse range and is being served in contemporary Mexican culture today.

Tamale Recipes
Quick Tamale Pie
Arrow Tamale Balls Arrow Tamale Hash
Arrow Tamales Arrow Tamales de Chocolate
Arrow Traditional Tamales Arrow Turkey Tamale Casserole
Arrow Corn Chip Tamale Loaf Arrow Tamale Pie
Arrow Tamales de Rajas Con Elote (tamales with corn & poblano chiles)

Mexican Spices & Special Ingredients

The history of Mexican Food Ingredients dates back to 1519. Mexican food ingredients include meats, citrus fruits, garlic, cheese, milk, and wine. Mexican food ingredients that came from the Aztecs include beans, corn, and squash. Corn, a key Mexican food ingredient, and Aztec influence on Mexican cooking, is perhaps the most important ingredient in Mexican food. Today corn is used widely in the preparation of the tortillas.

These are some of the common Mexican Spices and ingredients like, Achiote-Annatto, Ajo-Garlic, Ancho-Dried poblano chile, Arroz-Rice, Azucar-Sugar, Cafe-Coffee, Camarón-Shrimp, Carne-Meat, usually beef, Cebolla-Onion, Chipotle-Ripe jalepeno, smoked and dried, Crema-A thickened cream, Elote-Corn, Habanero-Hot pepper, Helado-Ice cream, Horchata-Rice beverage, Huevos-Eggs, Leche-Milk, Maize-Corn, Mariscos–Shellfish, Nopales-Cactus, Pan-Bread, Pan Dulce-Sweet Bread, Pimienta-Black pepper, Pollo-Chicken, Puerco-Pork, Queso-Cheese, Sal-Salt.

Side Dishes
Quick Baked Macaroni
Arrow Jerome Funeral Arrow Baked Macaroni Western Style
Arrow Basic Tamale Dough Arrow Spinach Chalupas Casserole
Arrow Chiles Rellenos Casserole Arrow Corn & Green Chile Casserole
Arrow Corn Pudding Arrow Green Chile Casserole
Arrow Hassayampa Casserole Arrow Quelites
Arrow Wickenburg Stuffed Chile Peppers Arrow Stuffed Avocados with Mixture of Seafood
Arrow Vegetable Tortilla Casserole Arrow Cinco de Mayo Casserole
Arrow Huevos Casserole Arrow Beans From the Pot
Arrow Green Chile Pie    

Mexican Specialty Cookwares and Kitchen Appliances

The real Authentic Mexican Recipes are cooked in the traditional Mexican pots, pans and utensils. Also there are a lot of herbs and spices used in cooking hence one will surely find different types of knives sharp knives and a mortar and pestle. Commonly used Mexican pots are Ollas, also known as Barros, are deep clay cooking pots. Comal is a big, round griddle, which can be made of cast iron, aluminum, or clay, which are used to roast chilies and warm tortillas. A Cazuela is a big clay dish of about six inches deep and rounded like a bowl. Tortillero is a Mexican Tortilla press made traditionally from wood or, cast iron.

Mexican Honeydew Margaritas
Arrow Agua Fresca de Sandia (fresh watermelon drink) Arrow Agua Fresca de Tamarindo (fresh tamarind drink)
Arrow Anise Tea (te de anis) Arrow Arizona Sunset
Arrow Atole Arrow Blackberry Margaritas
Arrow Cantaloupe Horchata Arrow Cafe Mejicano (mexican coffee)
Arrow Champurrado Arrow Coco Loco
Arrow Frozen Mango Daiquiri Arrow Frozen Margarita
Arrow Grape Juice Arrow Guava Milk Shake
Arrow Honeydew Margaritas Arrow Horchata (mexican rice drink)
Arrow Hot Dr. Pepper Arrow Hot Mexican Cider
Arrow Jamaica Arrow Kahlua
Arrow Kiwi Kooler Punch Arrow Kumquat Liquado
Arrow Lime Liquado Arrow Liquados
Arrow Mango Daiquiris Arrow Mango Liquado
Arrow Mango Tango Arrow Margaritas Fruta
Arrow Mexican Cocoa Arrow Mexican Eggnog (rompope)
Arrow Mexican Hot Chocolate Arrow Orange Liquado
Arrow Papaya Pina Colada Arrow Papaya Shake
Arrow Peach-Mango Margaritas Arrow Pina Coladas
Arrow Pineapple Margaritas Arrow Pineapple Tequila
Arrow Prickly Pear Lemonade Arrow Ranch House Lemonade
Arrow Red Cactus Margaritas Arrow Sangrita
Arrow South of The Border Coffee Arrow Sparkling Limeade (limonada)
Arrow Strawberry Liquado Arrow Strawberry-Mango Margaritas
Arrow Sun Tea Arrow Tamarind Liquado
Arrow Tequila Sunrise Arrow Grapefruit Margaritas (margaritas de toronja)
Mexican Pineapple Coffeecake
Arrow Santa fe Stuffed Toast Arrow Cheese Crisp
Arrow Southwestern Quiche Arrow Tortilla Hash
Arrow Arizona Breakfast Burritos Arrow Arizona Ranchero Omelet
Arrow Blue Cornmeal Buttermilk
Arrow Breakfast Burritos with Green Chiles
Arrow Breakfast Burritos Arrow Breakfast Tortillas
Arrow Cactus Scrambled Eggs Arrow Eggs Ranchero
Arrow Tacos Para Desayuno (breakfast tacos) Arrow Coyote Gulch Breakfast Quesadilla
Arrow Fiesta Eggs Arrow Green Pepper Scramble
Arrow Guacamole Omelet Arrow Huevos Con Papas y Chorizo
Arrow Huevos Rancheros Arrow Mexican Pineapple Coffeecake
Arrow Mexican Scrambled Eggs Arrow Migas
Arrow Prickly Pear Eggs Arrow Mission Fritada with Wine Syrup
Arrow Santa fe Eggs Arrow Simply the Best Pancake Syrup
Arrow Sonora Pancakes Arrow Sourdough Pancakes
Arrow Splatter Dabs    
Appetizers and Snacks
Baked Bean Dip
Arrow Cowpoke Sandwiches Arrow Mexican Rarebit
Arrow Western Trail Sandwiches Arrow Avocado Wedges
Arrow Tortilla Sandwiches
Arrow Cream Cheese and Green Chile Dip
Arrow Baked Black Bean Dip Arrow Baked Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers
Arrow Balls of Fire Arrow Ceviche Santa Cruz
Arrow Cheesy Chiles Arrow Chile Con Queso
Arrow Chunky Tuna Salsa Arrow Cheesy Nacho Dip
Arrow Corn and Walnut Dip Arrow Corn Tortilla Chips
Arrow Crab Nachos Arrow Fajita Nachos
Arrow Fiesta Hot Bean Dip Arrow French Fry Nachos
Arrow Garlic Olives Arrow Goat Cheese Nachos
Arrow Green Chile Cheese Crisp Arrow Green Chile Won Tons
Arrow Guacamole Arrow Jalapeno Cheese Loaf
Arrow Hot Peanuts (cacahuates con chile) Arrow Guacamole with Green Chile Peppers
Arrow Holy Guacamole Arrow Hot Artichoke Dip
Arrow Hot as Hades Chicken Bits Arrow Jalapeno Cheese Squares
Arrow Huevos Endiablados (deviled eggs) Arrow Toasted Almonds (almendras tostadas)
Arrow Jicama Chili Dust Arrow Mexican Artichoke Dip
Arrow Mexican Style Chicken Wings Arrow Nachos
Arrow Orange Blossom Dip Arrow Prairie Fire
Arrow Pueblo Chile Balls Arrow Pueblo Pinon Cakes
Arrow Queso Blanco Dip Arrow Salsa Wheel
Arrow Salt River Nachos Arrow Scallops Ceviche
Arrow Seviche Santa Cruz Arrow Shredded Pork Taquitos
Arrow Shrimp and Pepper Rajas Arrow Shrimp Fritters
Arrow Shrimp Ceviche Arrow Silver City Mushrooms
Arrow Southwestern Chicken Spread Arrow Southwestern Dip
Arrow Southwestern Salsa Meatballs Arrow Southwestern Skewers
Arrow Stinging Scorpion Guacamole Arrow Tex-Mex Dip
Arrow Three Rivers Nacho Dip Arrow Tortilla Flats
Arrow Traditional Mexican Shrimp Cocktail Arrow Tortilla Shrimp with Mexican Cocktail Sauce
Arrow Tri-Color Rajas Arrow Wagon Wheels
Arrow Wild West Corn Chips Arrow Southwestern Calzone
Soups and Stews
Mexican Sopa de Tortilla
Arrow Mexican Wastebasket Stew Arrow Chile Poblano Cream Soup
Arrow Oaxaca Soup Arrow Apache Corn Soup
Arrow Gazpacho with Shrimp and Avocado Arrow Albondigas (mexican meatball soup)
Arrow Avocado Gazpacho Arrow Black Bean Soup
Arrow Border Avocado Soup Arrow Caldo Tlalpeno
Arrow California Cioppino Arrow Cantaloupe Soup
Arrow Chicken and Salsa Soup Arrow Chicken Enchilada Soup
Arrow Chicken Tortilla Soup Arrow Chile Chicken Tortilla Soup
Arrow Chili Skillet Arrow Chorizo Onion Soup
Arrow Chorizo Soup Arrow Classic Red Chile Stew
Arrow Corn Soup Arrow Cream of Artichoke Soup
Arrow Cream of Green Chile Soup Arrow Fiesta Bean and Sausage Soup
Arrow Fiesta Pasta Soup Arrow Fruit Gazpacho
Arrow Gazpacho with Shrimp Arrow Gila Chicken Soup
Arrow Green Chile Soup Arrow Green Corn Tamales
Arrow Lentil Soup with Lime Juice Arrow Macho Macho Shrimp Gazpacho
Arrow Mexican Corn Soup Arrow Pineapple Gazpacho
Arrow Poblano Chili Soup with Chicken and Onion Arrow Sopa de Aquacate (mexican avocado soup)
Arrow Poblano Pepper Soup Arrow Quick Tortilla Soup
Arrow Rich Fish Broth Arrow San Luis Green Chile Soup
Arrow Santa fe Soup Arrow Santa fe Split Pea Soup
Arrow Shrimp Gazpacho Arrow Six Can Tortilla Soup
Arrow Southwestern Style Chicken Lime Soup Arrow Sopa de Lima (lime and tortilla soup)
Arrow Sopa de Tortilla Arrow Sopa de Queso (cheese soup)
Arrow Sopa de Tortillas Migas Arrow Southwest Chicken Soup
Arrow Southwestern Turkey Soup Arrow Southwestern Tortellini Chowder
Arrow Taco Chili Soup Arrow Southwestern Vegetable Soup
Arrow Tortilla Soup Arrow Tortilla Soup (sopa de tortilla)
Arrow Durango Stew    
Salads and Dressings
Ensalada de Coliflor
Arrow Chayote Salad Arrow Buttermilk Slaw
Arrow Cilantro Slaw Arrow Citrus Grove Orange Salad
Arrow Mango Salad Arrow Ensalada Caesar (caesar salad)
Arrow Layered Southwestern Pasta Salad Arrow Ensalada de Coliflor (cauliflower salad)
Arrow Ensalada de Noche Buena (Christmas eve salad) Arrow Jicama and Orange Salad (pico de gallo naranjas)
Arrow Mexican Cole Slaw Arrow Mexican Gazpacho Salad
Arrow Mexican Potato Salad Arrow Mexican-Style Three Bean Salad
Arrow Nutty Rice and Chile Salad Arrow Pineapple Pasta Salad
Arrow Pork and Rice Taco Salad Arrow Ranch Style Taco Salad
Arrow Southwestern Pasta Salad Arrow Shrimp & Green Papaya Salad
Arrow Taco Salad Arrow Nopalito Salad (prickly pear cactus salad)
Main Dishes Meat
Sloppy Mexican Lasagna
Arrow Baked Tortilla Stew Arrow Blue Corn Posole
Arrow Santa fe Stew with Chipotle Cream Arrow Barbecued Pork and Beef Sandwiches
Arrow Caldo de Res Arrow Carne Guisada (beef stew)
Arrow Cowboy Joes Arrow Easy Mexican Taco Meat
Arrow El Dorado Casserole Arrow Fiesta Bake
Arrow Gaucho Grill Sandwich Arrow Jalapeno Burgers
Arrow Jalapeno Stuffed Burgers Arrow John Wayne Casserole
Arrow Little Joe Steak Sandwich Arrow Mexican Fiesta Stew
Arrow Mexican Fritos Pie Arrow Mexican Skillet Rice
Arrow Mexican-Style Beef Casserole Arrow Mexi-Chile Casserole
Arrow Party Posole Arrow New Mexican Green Chile Stew
Arrow Pork Stew Arrow Posole
Arrow Posole Rapido Arrow Pseudo Menudo
Arrow Queso Flameado Arrow Ranch House Chili Casserole
Arrow Salt River Skillet Meal Arrow Sloppy Mexican Lasagna
Arrow Soft Carne Asada Tacos Arrow Southwestern Goulash
Arrow Southwestern Main Dish Arrow Southwestern Pork and Beans
Arrow Southwestern Sausage Casserole Arrow Cacerola de Tamales (tamale casserole)
Arrow Southwestern Stir-Fry Arrow Southwestern Tequila Beef Stew
Arrow Southwestern-Style Hot Dogs Arrow Spanish Beef Stew
Arrow Stuffed Sopaipillas Arrow Texas Tavern Burgers
Arrow West of the Pecos Casserole Arrow Western Meal-in-One
Arrow Green Onion Burritos Arrow Roast Fajita Burritos
Arrow Beef and Bean Burritos Arrow Chimichangas
Arrow Beef Enchiladas Arrow Disappearing Enchiladas
Arrow Enchilada Bake Arrow Enchiladas
Arrow Enchiladas Supreme Arrow Green Chile Enchilada casserole
Arrow Longhorn Cheese Enchiladas Arrow Mexican Enchiladas
Arrow Pepper Quesadillas Arrow Tex-Mex Enchiladas
Arrow Ultimate Enchilada Bake Arrow Barbecue Fajitas
Arrow Lone Star Fajitas Arrow Pork Fajitas
Arrow Ranch-Style Fajitas Arrow Salsa Steak Fajitas
Arrow Sizzling Onion Fajitas Arrow Tuna Fajitas
Arrow Posole Mexicano Arrow Roast Beef Quesadillas
Arrow Lime Beef with Tortillas Arrow Mexican Calzones
Arrow Baked Tacos Arrow Carne Asada Tacos
Arrow Cheesy Ro-Tel Chili Brisket Tacos Arrow Pork Tamales in Banana Leaves (tamales con puerco)
Arrow Creamy Taco Casserole Arrow Mexican Nacho Casserole
Arrow Nacho Casserole Arrow Quick Mex Casserole
Arrow Shredded Pork Tacos Arrow Steak Tacos
Arrow Taco Joes Arrow Steak Tacos with chipotle cream
Arrow Asado (roast beef) Arrow Beef Jerky
Arrow Beef with Olives and Almonds Arrow Carne Adovada
Arrow Carne Asada (broiled meat) Arrow Carne Guisada
Arrow Carne Seca (dried beef) Arrow Carnitas
Arrow Carnitas Arrow Chipotle & Green Chile with Pork
Arrow Chorizo Arrow Chorizo
Arrow Chorizo (mexican sausage) Arrow Coffee Roast Beef
Arrow Ground Beef and Potato Picadillo Arrow Chorizo-Beef Picadillo (chorizo-beef filling)
Arrow Corn Chip Tamale Loaf Arrow Cornish Pasties
Arrow Fajitas Arrow Fiesta Meatloaf
Arrow Fritos Pie Arrow Gorditas
Arrow Green Chile Pork Arrow Grilled Pork Chops Yucatan
Arrow Guaymas Green Chile Burros Arrow Machaca (shredded beef)
Arrow Mexican Beef Arrow Mexican Burger with Guacamole
Arrow Meatballs in Burnt Chipotle Sauce Arrow Machaca o Carne Seca (mexican-style jerky)
Arrow Mexican Crescent Puffs Arrow Mexican Meat for a Crowd
Arrow Mexican Pot Roast Arrow Mexican Pot Roast Filling
Arrow Old West Meat Balls Arrow New Mexican Red Pepper Paste
Arrow Pecos Pork Chops Arrow Picadillo
Arrow Poc Chuc Arrow Pork Ribs in Mole Verde
Arrow Pork-Tortilla Casserole (chilaquiles de puerco) Arrow Pork with Green Chile (carne de puerco en chile verde)
Arrow Pot Roast with Potatoes Arrow Punkin Center Green chile chuck
Arrow Ribs in Orange and Chile Sauce (costillitas en naranja) Arrow Pot Roast with Vegetables (carne de res con legumbres)
Arrow Santa fe Carnitas Arrow Santa fe Meatloaf
Arrow Shredded Beef (carne de res deshebrada) Arrow Shredded Pork (carne de puerco deshebrada)
Arrow Shredded Carnitas Arrow Smothered Burros
Arrow Smothered Liver (higado de res) Arrow South of the Border Shredded Pork
Arrow Southwestern Beef Patties Arrow Southwestern Meatloaf
Arrow Southwestern Pork Roast Arrow Southwestern Pulled Pork
Arrow Southwestern Stir Fry Arrow Spanish Steak
Arrow Spicy Meatball Burritos Arrow Steak San Marco
Arrow Stuffed Meatballs (albondigas en salsa de chipotle) Arrow Yucatan Roast Pork (cochinita pibil)
Arrow Taco Lasagna Arrow Tamale Pie
Arrow Tostada Waffles Arrow Verde Valley Fajitas
Arrow Beef Burritos Arrow Burritos
Arrow Green Beef Burritos Arrow Smothered Burritos
Arrow Pork Burritos (burritos de carnitas) Arrow Shredded Beef Chimichangas (chimichnagas de carne de res)
Arrow Wet Burritos Arrow Leftovers Burritos
Arrow Chile Quiche Arrow Carne Con Chile Verde y Papas
Arrow Chili Bowls Arrow Beef Chimichangas
Arrow Cowboy Chimichangas Arrow Deluxe Machaca Chimichangas
Arrow Arizona Enchiladas Arrow Enchilada Stack
Arrow Ground Beef Enchiladas Arrow Mexican Beef Enchiladas
Arrow Pork Chile Verde Enchiladas Arrow Tuscan Beef Enchiladas
Arrow Stacked Enchiladas (enchiladas chatas) Arrow Southwestern Fried Steak Sandwich
Arrow Ropa Vieja Arrow Roast Beef Quesadillas
Arrow Sausage & Corn Quesadillas Arrow Beef Tacos
Arrow Blue Cornmeal Cakes with Chile Salsa Arrow Tacos de Carne Guisada (beef stew tacos)
Arrow Impossible Taco Pie Arrow Stuffed Tortillas
Arrow Taco Filling Arrow Tacos
Arrow Tacos el Carbon Arrow Tijuana Tortilla Stacks
Arrow Tortilla Dinner Arrow Tostadas
Arrow Vulture Mine Tostadas Arrow Taco Filling
Arrow Taco Bake Arrow Chalupas
Main Dishes for the Grill
Grilled Texas Shrimp
Arrow Arracheras Arrow Barbecued Carne Asada
Arrow Campfire Cookout Arrow Mexican Pepper Steak
Arrow Grilled Mexican Chicken Sandwiches Arrow Grilled Beef Fajitas with Green Yogurt Sauce
Arrow Fajitas Arrow New Mexico Barbecue Beef Ribs
Arrow Fajitas on a Stick Arrow Golden Chicken (pollo dorado)
Arrow Grilled Chicken Yucatan-Style Arrow Grilled Shrimp Rellenos
Arrow Grilled Texas Shrimp Arrow Smoky Grilled Chicken Tostadas
Arrow Tijuana Tacos Arrow Grilled Artichokes
Arrow Sweet Corn with Lime Butter Arrow Oaxacan Style Carne Asada
Main Dishes Poultry
Creamy Chicken Enchiladas
Arrow Chicken Enchiladas with Green Sauce Arrow Chicken and Mushroom Enchiladas
Arrow Chicken Enchiladas Arrow Chicken Enchilada Casserole
Arrow Chicken-Corn Chip Casserole Arrow Chicken and Bell Pepper Fajitas
Arrow Chicken Fajitas Arrow Chicken Chilaquiles
Arrow Arizona Chicken Sandwiches Arrow Chicken Tacos with Lime Sauce
Arrow Chicken and Fruit Stew (tapado de pollo) Arrow Southwest Chicken Salad Focaccia
Arrow Chicken Chalupas Arrow Chicken Chile Casserole
Arrow Chicken Chili Ole Arrow Chicken Con Rajas
Arrow King Ranch Chicken Arrow Chicken stew (estofado de pollo)
Arrow Mexican Chicken Casserole Arrow Southwest Chicken Sandwiches
Arrow Tamale Pollo Casserole Arrow Smoky Chicken Quesadillas
Arrow Chicken Chile Verde Tacos Arrow Chicken Taco Casserole
Arrow Chicken Tacos Arrow Chicken Tamales
Arrow Chicken Tortilla Bake Arrow Chicken Tortilla Casserole
Arrow Chicken-Tomatillo Tamales Arrow Tangy Turkey Tacos
Arrow Sonoran Tacos (tacos sonorenses) Arrow Chicken and Sour Cream Enchiladas
Arrow Chicken Tostada Salad Arrow Baked Chicken Chimichangas
Arrow Chicken Chimichangas Arrow Chimichangas de Pollo
Arrow Chicken a la Jerusalem Arrow Chicken Enchiladas
Arrow Creamy Chicken Enchiladas Arrow Chicken Sour Cream Enchiladas
Arrow Creamy Chicken Enchiladas (enchiladas suizas) Arrow Green Chile and Chicken Enchiladas
Arrow Elegant Enchiladas Blancas Arrow Green Enchiladas
Arrow Mole Enchiladas Arrow Plucky Enchiladas
Arrow Roast Chicken Enchiladas Arrow Rolled Enchiladas
Arrow Sour Cream Chicken enchiladas Arrow Sour Cream and Chicken Enchiladas
Arrow Turkey Enchiladas Arrow South of the Border Enchiladas
Arrow Achiote Butter-Basted Turkey with Ancho Chile Gravy Arrow Broiled Chicken with Chile Butter (pechugas con chile)
Arrow Almond Chicken (pollo almendrado) Arrow Chicken Fajitas with Cowpoke Barbecue Sauce
Arrow Cheesy Chicken with Chiles Arrow Cheesy Mexican Chicken
Arrow Chicken Almendrado Arrow Chicken Chilaquiles
Arrow Chicken Diable Arrow Chicken Flautas
Arrow Chicken in oaxacan black mole Arrow Chicken flautas (flautas de pollo)
Arrow Chicken with Lime Butter Arrow Chicken with Green Mole Sauce
Arrow Chicken-Chile Cheesecake Arrow Chipotle garlic chicken in crema
Arrow Cilantro Chicken Arrow Country Pan-Fried Chicken
Arrow Drunken Papaya Chicken Arrow Flautas
Arrow Guajolote (pavo) en Mole Verde (turkey in green mole sauce) Arrow Orange-Pineapple Chicken (pollo con jugo de naranja)
Arrow Mother Lode Chicken Arrow Mexican Stuffed Chicken Breasts
Arrow Nogales Chicken Arrow Pavo Asado (roast turkey)
Arrow Pollo Con Mole (chicken with mole sauce) Arrow Spicy Shredded Chicken Filling (relleno de pollo sazonado)
Arrow Pomegranate Chicken Arrow Pollo Picante (spicy chicken)
Arrow Shredded Chicken or Turkey Arrow Sonoran Chicken Chili
Arrow Taco Chip Chicken Arrow Taos Chicken Mole
Arrow Tijuana Chicken Arrow Tlayudas
Arrow Chicken Guacamole Tortillas Arrow Chicken Tacos
Arrow Tablecloth-Stainer Chicken (mancha manteles de pollo)
Main Dishes Seafood
Mexican Shrimp Quesadilla
Arrow Shrimp Enchiladas Arrow Shrimp Quesadilla
Arrow Shrimp Tacos (tacos de camarones) Arrow Garlicky Prawn, Roasted Pepper and Goat Cheese Quesadillas
Arrow Creamy Fish Tacos Arrow Fiesta Shrimp Tacos
Arrow Shrimp Tostadas Arrow Shrimp-Stuffed Chimichangas
Arrow Shrimp Tostadas (tostadas de camaron) Arrow Cactus in Red Chile Sauce with Shrimp Patties
Arrow Crawfish Enchiladas Arrow California Scampi
Arrow Cilantro Shrimp Arrow Crispy Corn-Coated Sand Dabs
Arrow Cornsicles with Shrimp and Oregano Arrow Crabmeat Stuffed Poblano Relleno
Arrow Enchiladas Verdes de Mariscos Arrow Marinated Cracked Dungeness Crab
Arrow Fish with Green Chiles Arrow Mexican-Style Baked Fish
Arrow Oyster Casserole Arrow Ranchero Catfish
Arrow Red Snapper Veracruz Arrow Shrimp Gazpacho
Arrow Shrimp in Creamed Sauce Arrow Shrimp in Fiery Garlic Butter
Arrow Shrimp in Garlic Sauce Arrow Shrimp in Tomato-Garlic Sauce
Arrow South of the Border Fish Arrow Shrimp Tacos (tacos de camarones)
Vegetarian Recipes
Grilled Rice Bean Burritos
Arrow Bean Cakes Arrow Black Bean Chilaquiles
Arrow Black Bean Burritos Arrow Grilled Rice and Bean Burritos
Arrow Refried Bean Chimichangas Arrow Vegetarian Chimichangas
Arrow Black Bean Quesadillas Arrow Cafe Enchiladas
Arrow Cheese Enchiladas Arrow Creamy Cheese Enchiladas
Arrow Cheese Enchiladas with Chili Gravy Arrow New Mexico-Style Stacked Enchiladas
Arrow Enchiladas, Sonora Style Arrow Eggplant & Almond Enchiladas
Arrow Masa Harina Enchilada Patties Arrow Sonoran-Style Enchiladas
Arrow Sonoran-Style Red Enchiladas Arrow Stacked Enchiladas
Arrow Tex-Mex Enchiladas Arrow Grilled Vegetable Fajitas
Arrow Grilled Vegetable Fajitas Arrow Impossible Quesadilla Pie
Arrow Flamed Cheese (queso flameado) Arrow Deep-Fried Masa Turnovers with Cheese
Arrow Quesadillas Arrow Peach-Jalapeno Quesadilla
Arrow Three Cheese Quesadilla with Mexican Dipping Sauce Arrow Copper Canyon Wheat Tortillas and Burritos
Arrow Avocado Tacos (flautas) Arrow Black Bean Tostadas
Arrow Tortilla Espanola Arrow Tortilla Quiche
Arrow Black Bean Tortilla Melts Arrow Green Chile Tortilla Casserole
Arrow Guacamole Tacos Arrow Indian Tacos
Arrow Nopalitos Con Chile (cactus chile) Arrow Blue Cornmeal Cakes with Chile Salsa
Arrow Green Chile Frittata    
Pasta, Rice and Potato Dishes
Easy Mexican Red Rice
Arrow Fideo Arrow Basque Country-Style Spaghetti
Arrow Fideo Arrow Lasagna Ole
Arrow Mexican Lasagna Arrow Mexican Manicotti
Arrow Mexican Spaghetti Pie Arrow Native American Ravioli
Arrow Rancho Pasta Arrow Southwestern Macaroni
Arrow Spaghetti in Red Chile Sauce Arrow Mex-Corn Lasagna
Arrow Mexican Pasta Casserole Arrow Southwestern Hominy Casserole
Arrow Arroz Rojo (red rice) Arrow Chile Rice Casserole
Arrow Chili Cheese Rice Arrow Mexican Green Rice
Arrow Mexican Red Rice Arrow Mexican Rice
Arrow Montezuma Spanish Rice Arrow Red Rice
Arrow Restaurant Mexican Rice Arrow Western Beefy Rice and Beans
Arrow Western Wagon Wheels Arrow Chicken Chile Lasagna
Arrow Spicy Chicken Lasagna Arrow Southwestern Chicken Lasagna
Arrow Chili Twist Arrow Chicken Taco Rice
Tortillas and Breads
Mexican Corn Tortillas
Arrow Taco-Stuffed Cornbread Arrow Spoon Bread Tamale Bake
Arrow Chili Bread Arrow Skillet Bread
Arrow Adobe Bread Arrow Anise Biscuits
Arrow Baking Powder Biscuits Arrow Blue Corn Dumplings
Arrow Blue Cornbread Arrow Bolillos (mexican hard rolls)
Arrow Casserole Bread Arrow Brown Sugar Rolls (chorreadas)
Arrow Conchas (mexican sweet-topped buns) Arrow Panquecitos de Camaron (shrimp tamale muffins)
Arrow Corn Dodgers Arrow Corn Dumplings
Arrow Corn Tortillas Arrow Cornhusk Muffins
Arrow Cornmeal Dumplings Arrow Fiesta Focaccia
Arrow Flour Tortillas Arrow Fried Corn Bread
Arrow Fried Corn Cakes Arrow Grilled Pizzas
Arrow Hot Water Cornbread Arrow Indian Paper Bread (piki)
Arrow Jalapeno Bagels Arrow Jalapeno Cornbread
Arrow Jerky Dumplings Arrow Kneel Down Bread
Arrow L.A. Sweet Cornbread Arrow Lemon Bread
Arrow Mango Bread Arrow Mesquite Bean Butter
Arrow Mesquite Muffins Arrow Orange Muffins
Arrow Pan Dulce (sweet bread) Arrow Papaya Bread
Arrow Pineapple Tamale Muffins Arrow Pueblo Blue Cornbread
Arrow Ranch House Biscuits Arrow Sourdough Biscuits
Arrow Sourdough Bread Arrow Sourdough Starter
Arrow Sugar Cube Orange Biscuits Arrow Western Cornbread
Arrow White Sage Bread    
Salsas and Condiments
Mexican Chile Colorado
Arrow Chile Colorado Arrow Chile Verde
Arrow Gorditas with Fiery Jalapeno Salsa Arrow Chiles de Arbol and Cider Vinegar Puree
Arrow Crema Arrow Molcajete
Arrow Avocado Salsa Arrow Berry Salsa
Arrow Black Bean and Corn Salsa Arrow Bloody Mary Salsa
Arrow Cantaloupe Salsa Arrow Chili Salsa
Arrow Chipotle Salsa Arrow Fried Serrano Chile Salsa
Arrow Green Salsa Arrow Jalapeno Cabbage Salsa
Arrow Kiwi-Orange Salsa Arrow Lime-Tomatillo Salsa
Arrow Mango Salsa Arrow Papaya Salsa
Arrow Peach-Habanero Salsa Arrow Pineapple Salsa
Arrow Salsa Cruda Arrow Salsa de Chili Verde
Arrow Salsa Negro Arrow Salsa Ranchera
Arrow Salsa Verde Arrow Salsa Verde Verde
Arrow Sangre de Cristo Salsa Arrow Strawberry Salsa
Arrow Strawberry-Almond Salsa Arrow Tangy Peach and Kiwi Salsa
Arrow Adobo Arrow Almond Sauce
Arrow Ancho Puree Arrow Avocado Hot Sauce
Arrow Basic Tex-Mex Sauce Arrow Best of the west barbecue sauce
Arrow Canela Brine Arrow Caper Sauce
Arrow Carne Asada Marinade Arrow Cascabel Puree
Arrow Chipotle Barbecue Sauce Arrow Chipotle Chile Sauce
Arrow Chipotle Pepper Sauce Arrow Chipotle-Tomato Tub
Arrow Cinnamon-Citrus Rub Arrow Classic Green Chile Sauce
Arrow Classic Red Chile Sauce Arrow Crema Mexicana
Arrow Enchilada Sauce Arrow Fajita Beer Marinade
Arrow Fajita Marinade Arrow Fire Rub
Arrow Garlic Butter Sauce Arrow Green Chile Enchilada Sauce
Arrow Green Chile Sauce Arrow Guajillo Puree
Arrow Habanero Pepper Sauce Arrow Hatch Green Chile Sauce
Arrow Home-Style Sauce Arrow Jalapeno Cream Sauce
Arrow Jalapeno Gravy Arrow Jalapeno Pepper Sauce
Arrow Lime Sauce Arrow Lime-Ginger Marinade
Arrow Mexican Chocolate Sauce Arrow New Mexico Red Chile Puree
Arrow Orange-Sour Cream Sauce Arrow Pumpkin Seed Sauce
Arrow Quick Mole Sauce Arrow Quick Pumpkin Seed Sauce
Arrow Ranch-Style Sauce Arrow Red Chile Paste
Arrow Red Chile Sauce Arrow Rustic Red Chile Sauce
Arrow Sauce for Chiles Rellenos Arrow Seafood Sauce
Arrow Southwestern Tomato Sauce Arrow Southwestern Barbecue Sauce
Arrow Spanish Sauce Arrow Strawberry Mango Sauce
Arrow Taco Sauce Arrow Tequila Cocktail Sauce
Arrow Texas Barbecue Sauce Arrow Tex-Mex Chili Gravy
Arrow Tia Maria Chocolate Sauce Arrow Tomatillo Sauce
Arrow Avocado Dressing Arrow Blender Mayonnaise
Arrow Creamy Garlic Dressing Arrow Creamy Jalapeno Dressing
Arrow Green Chile Ranch Dressing Arrow Green Goddess Dressing
Arrow Honey Dressing Arrow Lime Dressing
Arrow Prickly Pear Ranch Dressing Arrow Quince Paste
Arrow Raspberry-Walnut Dressing Arrow Roasted Garlic Dressing
Arrow Salsa Dressing Arrow Sour Orange Dressing
Arrow Corn and Cumin Raita Arrow Mexican Cabbage Relish
Chocolate Honey Cake
Arrow Jamoncillo (dulce de leche) Arrow Mexican Orange Fudge
Arrow Arizona Cheese Crisp Arrow Arizona Pecan Brittle
Arrow Bolitas (sweet christmas
Arrow Candied Nopalitos (nopalitos en almibar)
Arrow Cactus Rubies Arrow Candied Grapefruit Peel
Arrow Candied Lime Peel Arrow Coconut Candy
Arrow Dulce de Calabaza (candied pumpkin) Arrow Chocolate-Covered Peanut Patties (mazapan)
Arrow Date Candy Arrow Golden Coconut Candy
Arrow Golden Tamales Arrow Mexican Jell-O
Arrow Guadalajara Gazpacho with Shrimp Arrow Sweet Pineapple Tamales (tamales de dulce)
Arrow Mexican Orange Drops Arrow Mexican Penuche
Arrow Mexican Soft Pralines Arrow Mexican Whiskey Candy
Arrow Molasses Candy Arrow New Mexico Pinon Candy
Arrow Nut Brittle Arrow Orange Fudge
Arrow Pecan Toffee Arrow Piloncillo Pralines
Arrow Pinon Chocolate Fudge Arrow Pumpkin Candy
Arrow Raspberry Tamales Arrow Red Peanut Patties
Arrow Strawberry Tamales Arrow Sweet Potato Candy
Arrow Sweet Tamales Arrow Tamales Dulce (sweet tamales)
Arrow Peach Escabeche Arrow Caramel Tortilla Pie
Arrow Almond Sponge Cake (torta de cielo) Arrow Orange-Almond Cake (torta de almendra)
Arrow Cafe Mexicana Cheesecake Arrow Chuck Wagon Coffee Cake
Arrow Classic Pound Cake Arrow Drunken Cake
Arrow Fast Tres Leches Cake Arrow Honey Cake
Arrow Mango-Cajeta Angel Food cake Arrow Mexican Chocolate Cheesecake
Arrow Papaya Upside-Down Cake Arrow Pasteles de cacao (cocoa cakes)
Arrow Pina Colada Cheesecake Arrow Pastel de Chocolate Mexicano
Arrow Prickly Pear Cheesecake Arrow Skillet Peach Cake
Arrow Watermelon Cake Arrow Strawberry Margarita cheesecake
Arrow Almendrado Arrow Almond Flan
Arrow Almond Vanilla Pudding Arrow Almonds in Honey
Arrow Apple Enchiladas Arrow Apple-Cheese Quesadilla
Arrow Arroz Con Coco Frito y Pasas Arrow Arroz Con Leche
Arrow Baked Indian Pudding Arrow Banana-Chocolate Flan
Arrow Bolitas Arrow Cafe Con Leche Custard
Arrow Cajeta (caramel) Crepes Arrow Cajeta Flan
Arrow Capirotada Arrow Caramel Apple Empanadas
Arrow Carrot Pudding Arrow Chocolate Flan
Arrow Empanadas de Camota Con Pina Arrow Chocolate-Cinnamon Quesadillas
Arrow Chongos Arrow Churros
Arrow Cinnamon Custard Arrow Cinnamon Oranges
Arrow Coffee Flan Arrow Cornmeal Shortcakes
Arrow Dessert Nachos Arrow Dessert Tostada with Lime Curd
Arrow Dulce de Leche Casero Arrow Dulce de Leche Rice Pudding
Arrow Empanadas de Dulce Arrow Fiesta Empanadas
Arrow Fig Fritters Arrow Flaming Bananas
Arrow Flan Arrow Flan de Pina
Arrow Fried Custard Squares Arrow Frontier Bread Pudding
Arrow Fruit Burritos Arrow Fruit Ice
Arrow Fruit Tacos Arrow Gooey Peach Cobbler
Arrow Guanajuato Flan Arrow Kahlua Chocolate Pudding
Arrow Mexican Fried Chocolate Bananas Arrow Ice Cream with Pineapple Cajeta Topping
Arrow Lemon Banana Cloud Arrow Lemon Luscious
Arrow Mango Dessert Arrow Mangoes with Cream
Arrow Maraschino Ice Cream Arrow Merengado
Arrow Mexican Chocolate Mousse Arrow Mexican Custard
Arrow Mexican Flan Arrow Mexican Fried Ice Cream
Arrow Natilla Arrow Navajo Peach Pudding
Arrow Orange-Canela Flan Arrow Papaya
Arrow Papaya Sherbet Arrow Peach Enchiladas
Arrow Peachy Tortillas Arrow Pineapple-Banana Dessert
Arrow Pineapple-Yam Turnovers Arrow Pomegranate Flan
Arrow Pumpkin Flan Arrow Raspberry Empanadas
Arrow Rum-Honey Fritters Arrow Rummy Plantains
Arrow Rum-Raisin Natilla Arrow Sherry-Cake Dessert
Arrow Sopaipillas Arrow Spiced Peaches
Arrow Spotted Pup Arrow Strawberries with Anise
Arrow Sweet Beans Arrow Sweet Quesadillas
Arrow Tembleque Arrow Tidbits for the Cardinal
Arrow Torejas Arrow Yam Flan
Arrow Chocolate Enchiladas Arrow Corn Fritters
Arrow Jamoncillo with Pecans    
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