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It used to be when people were looking to buy a laptop, you would see experts recommend buying refurbished. The reason for that would be that a new laptop with good specs could be quite expensive. That can of course still be the case, but I want to tell you why I would not look at buying a refurbished laptop these days. It's because technology is changing, always, and the laptop/tablet hybrids have made them more affordable. Plus, there are other reasons I want to give you to steer you clear of buying an older laptop.

Newer laptops can more easily turn into tablets. And honestly, with Bluetooth keyboards available, I would much rather these days have the keyboard separate from the rest of the device. As a professional ghostwriter, I used a tablet and a Bluetooth keyboard. I can't tell you how many times the keyboard going out on a laptop meant that I needed a new device.

It's kind of interesting how we are moving technologically towards a separate monitor and keyboard once again, just like when we used desktops, or are we? You see, I need one because I'm always typing. But I could just as easily start voice dictating all of my articles. I have tried that before, and while it worked out quite well, I type rather fast.

The truth of the matter is that most people aren't really going to be typing much at all these days. So they aren't really going to be testing whether or not the keyboard on a laptop is durable enough. There are external keyboards for laptops, but who wants a refurbished laptop with a keyboard that doesn't work?

You can pick up a tablet for $100 these days. And of course, to use the latest apps, you need the latest software. So why spend more money than you have to in order to do the things you need to do? It almost makes sense to leave laptops out of the equation entirely. Yet not everyone falls into the same group.

As mentioned, I'm a professional ghostwriter, and so I need to be able to type all day long for the most part. I still managed to get out of using a regular laptop, but not everyone is going to feel the same way. Some of my writer friends even still use a desktop, and of course, some still use laptops, too. And what about the gamers?

Gamers often like to use desktops and laptops with better graphics cards. I have a cousin who likes to build computers, despite most everyone else walking around doing everything on a mobile device. Mobile devices, both phones, and tablets, have simplified everything for everyone, but there are still reasons to use the more expensive devices for sure.

Do you need a laptop? If so, I would still get one with more tech-forward specs. And it's going to likely be cheaper on you anyway. Laptops are being replaced by tablets, and so that's why I have made this recommendation.

If you are in the market for a new laptop, you can often be overwhelmed by the selection available. Fortunately, there are a number of points that you should consider when it comes to buying a new laptop. These points will ensure that you are getting the right laptop for your needs.

The Size

The first point to consider is the size that you want to get. It is important to note that there is no right or wrong answer with this and the size will depend on how you are going to be using the laptop. The smallest laptops have a 13-inch screen while the largest has a 17-inch screen.

The 17-inch screen laptops will be ideal for people who are not going to be moving around a lot with the device. It is also ideal for gaming and works as you have a larger screen. The 13-inch screen laptops will be best for people who need to travel with their computers. The 15-inch screen laptops are a middle ground and are portable while still providing a decent screen size.

The Keyboard

Due to the size of the laptop, the keyboard will generally be smaller than a desktop model. The limited space also means that numeric keypads are not always available. If you need to have a numeric keypad on your computer, you will need to look at getting a larger laptop. 13-inch screen laptops will not have these keypads and some 15-inch computers will also be missing them. 17-inch laptops will generally have these keypads, but you may need to double check this.

The quality and overall layout of the keyboard will vary depending on the laptop you look at. Some laptops have keys that are directly next to each other while other laptops have a small space between the keys. Some keyboards will also have backlights which can be helpful at times.


The base of your laptop will have limited space which means that manufacturers cannot provide many connection ports. Laptops will have fewer ports than desktops and you need to consider this. Some laptops will only have 2 USB ports while others might have up to 4. This could cause problems if you often have a number of devices attached to your computer while you use it.

A lot of modern laptops will not have a DVD drive which can be a problem for some people. In these cases, you will need to get a separate DVD drive which attaches to your laptop via a USB connection. Fortunately, these devices are not expensive and you will not have to worry too much about a lack of DVD drive.

All laptops will have a built-in wireless networking function, but they will not all have an Ethernet port. This can be an issue if you travel a lot and would rather connect to the Ethernet network in a hotel instead of the wireless connection. Some laptops will also have a connection port for a sim card which enables you to access the internet via a mobile broadband connection.

It's no secret that even in this day and age, desktop computers are still projected to last significantly longer than their smaller siblings, the laptops. Though a laptop is portable, convenient, and doesn't demand too much space, you need to be careful how you use your computer and how you treat it. Sure, every computer can take a beating, but if you forget the importance of proper care, you will find yourself going through laptops like laundry.

Here are the top five tips online to finding the right laptop:

1. Keep Your Computer Clean, Inside And Out

Surprisingly enough, the number one system killer for laptops is dirt, dust, and debris that can cake onto the internal components. This is also the reason that many systems overheat and seemingly shut down on a regular basis. Wiping your computer down is a good idea, but you also need to clean it internally. You can do so using a compressed air can and getting inside!

2. Preserve Your Battery Life

Never keep your laptop plugged into a charger all of the time. Doing so will actually do more harm than good for the battery power. What you need to do is unplug it and use it as you normally would. Another tactic to employ is that every few months, let the battery go down to zero and then charge it to 100%.

3. Keep Your System Clean

You should aim to keep your hard drive 80% full or less. Unfortunately, when you hit 90% full capacity, you will start to notice the performance of your laptop go down. In fact, you'll probably see that very few programs load and you'll spend most of your time waiting.

4. Download Program Updates Regularly

In order to ensure that your laptop is functioning as it should, take the time to regularly install program and hardware updates. Many of these scheduled updates are a necessity to ensure that your computer will work properly. One thing to watch out for, however, is the dreaded system updates. Sometimes, the new system updates do more harm than good and fill your computer with bugs. This, in turn, will force you to revert to the previous operating system.

5. Install A Clean Version Of Your Operating System

One of the biggest issues is that when you update operating systems, your laptop accrues junk programs and startup files. These will inadvertently bog down your system and make it nearly impossible to accomplish anything. A better alternative is simply doing a clean install of your latest operating system after backing up your personal files to a safe place.

Your laptop's lifespan often depends on certain characteristics such as hard drive, capacity, and the quality of the brand name. There are certain things that you can do in order to ensure that your laptop remains in good condition and will serve you for years to come! Bear in mind, bad habits can be hard to break, so try training yourself to naturally do the things above.